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ROC Search Report

ROC Search Report is a tool for the stakeholders, banks and other institutions/ persons to analyze the history of the company to secure their financial interests. It contains the details of the company from incorporation till date. It contains all facts, documents filed or registered in the MCA Portal.

Every single information of the company filed with ROC holds the status of a public document.

Purpose of a ROC search report

  1. Stakeholders seek search reports to analyze the history of the company in which they are going to be associated and invest the money.
  2. Analysis by any company/ organization/ person to perform a particular task with the subject company.
  3. To ensure themselves about the position of the company and be safe from any kind of default.
  4. Analyze the status of the company to grant a loan on the basis of their previous existing loans of the company such as amount, terms and conditions of such loan, pledged property and other required information.
  5. Any other purpose.

Particulars in a ROC search report

  • Name of the Company
  • Registered Office
  • Details of all the directors and Shareholder since its incorporation
  • Details of all the registered charges since its incorporation
  • Capital Structure of the Company
  • Any other required information


STEP 1: The company for which a ROC Search Report is required is selected.

STEP 2: Our expert discusses the requirement and accordingly decides the focus areas that is required in the report.

STEP 3: All the files of the company submitted in ROC are accessed and the report is drafted.

STEP 4: We hand over the final report along with the required documents of the company.

What’s Included

  • Consultation with our Expert
  • Report for 1 company
  • Inspection of Documents in ROC
  • Preparation of Search Report

Documents Required

  • Name of the Company
  • Purpose of Report requirement


How is ROC search report prepared?

Search Report is generally prepared by detailed inspection of the records of the company available with ROC.

What is the purpose of a ROC search report?

The Search Reports of a Company helps institutions, organizations and persons to analyze the company to which they are going to be connected or grant financial investments.


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