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FSSAI Registration is mandatory for any business dealing in food manufacturing, processing etc. Filecrat helps you get your FSSAI license without any frills.

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FSSAI Registration

All edible items present in the market comes under the umbrella of FSSAI Registration under different categories. All entities involved in food manufacturing or processing or packaging or distribution are required to get a license under the FSSAI.

The Food Standards and Safety Authority of India (FSSAI) is an autonomous statutory body formed by the virtue of the Food Safety & Standards Act 2006, to regulate the entities (Food Business Operators, also abbreviated as FBO). FSSAI's primary aim is to regulate and keep a check on the food products reaching to the consumers by a roadside hawker to five-star hotels, including the fruits to meats with all packaged food items. To get registration or license, would solely depend upon the turnover, scale of business and the type of activity carried out by the FBO.

Categories of Food related Business which requires FSSAI Registration

  1. Manufacturing units
  2. Processing units
  3. Procurement
  4. Packaging
  5. Distribution
  6. Storage

Types of FSSAI Registration

A. Basic Registration: All Food Business Operators with an annual turnover of Rs 12 Lakh or less (Petty Food Businesses) are mandated to get themselves registered by FSSAI. The following businesses can register under Basic Registration:

  1. Petty retailer dealing in food products
  2. Any person who manufactures or sells any food article by himself
  3. Food sale done by a temporary stall holder
  4. Any individual who distributes food in any religious or social gathering except a caterer
  5. Small-scale or cottage industries dealing in food business

Note: A start-up and a dairy with a daily capacity of less than 500 litres or 100 kg production can get the basic registration to commence the business and later after exceeding the annual turnover of Rs. 12 Lakh can upgrade its registration.

B. State License: All Food Business Operators with an annual turnover exceeding Rs. 12 Lakh but up to Rs. 20 Cr. (Medium Food Businesses) are mandated to get themselves a State License by FSSAI. The following businesses can apply for a State License:

  1. A hotel under the identity of three star and above
  2. A dairy with a daily capacity of less than 50,000 litres

C. Central License: All Food Business Operators with an annual turnover of more than Rs. 20 Cr. (Large Food Businesses) are mandated to get themselves a Central License by FSSAI. The following businesses can apply for a Central license:

  1. Companies supplying food and other raw food products to government offices and departments
  2. Companies involved in import and export of food

Benefits of FSSAI Registration

  • Quality assurance: FSSAI license provides guidelines and procedures for quality assurance of the accredited labs as per ISO 17025.
  • Goodwill among consumers: The logo of FSSAI certificate ensures the goodwill of product among the customers which ultimately helps in prominent establishment of business in the market.
  • Consumer awareness: Consumers become more ensure about the quality of the food which enhances the credibility of the business.
  • Application of Scientific methods: It ensures the quality, hygiene and cleanliness of the product from process of manufacturing to sale of product as per the scientific methods.
  • Goodwill in national and international market: It is a mandate for exporting food products in other countries which ensures the production of the food product as per the international food standards and lead to the expansion and growth of business nationally and internationally.

Statutory Fee

  • Basic FSSAI Registration (Petty Food Businesses): Rs. 100/-
  • FSSAI State License (Medium Food Businesses): Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000/-
  • FSSAI Central License (Large Food Businesses): Rs. 7500/-

Validity of Registration

  • FSSAI registration/ license is valid for period of 1 to 5 years.
  • Renewal of application needs to be filed before 30 days of expiration of existing license.
  • Non-renewal will attract a fine of Rs. 100 per each passing day.
  • Lapse of renewal will cost the cancellation of the license and a requirement to apply for a new registration.

Compliances after Registration

  1. Adherence with the FSSAI online guidelines for preparation, processing, storage and transportation of the food products.
  2. FSSAI registration and license affixed with passport sized photograph of licensee must be there on prominent display in the business premises and manufacturing units.
  3. Report to FSSAI about plan of any change/modification in the business related to food products.
  4. An individual with required technical skills must be employed by the Food business operators (FBO) to supervise the production.

Conditions of Non-compliance: Non-compliance will incur in the following circumstances:

Food inspections will be conducted by Food safety officers and as per the inspection report, any of the following grade will be granted to the business:

  1. Compliance (C)
  2. Non-compliance (NC)
  3. Partial Compliance
  4. Not Applicable/ Not Observed (NA)

Subsequently, an improvement notice will be granted against grade (b), (c) and (d).

Non-improvement may cause cancellation of license with severe penalty and damage to goodwill of the brand.

In severe case, the matter may go to State Commissioner of Food Safety and at a later stage, as an appeal to the Food Safety Appellate Tribunal/ High Court.

Video on FSSAI Online License Registration

  • What is FSSAI / Food License?
  • Benefits of FSSAI Registration
  • Types of FSSAI Registration
  • How to Check FSSAI License Number online?
  • Documents required for FSSAI Registration Process

What’s Included

  • Drafting of Application Form
  • Filing of form with FSSAI
  • Obtaining FSSAI License

Documents Required

  • Self-attested identity proof of the person
  • Self-attested address proof of director(s)/ partner(s)/ authorized signatory
  • Passport sized photograph
  • List of food products
For State & Central License
  • Certificate of incorporation/ LLP Agreement/ Registration Certificate of Organisation
  • List of all the directors/ partners with full address and contact details
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company
  • Board resolution/ Statement of consent from partners
  • PAN of the Company
  • Address proof of business which may include latest utility bills, ownership document or NOC from the owner of premises
  • Food Safety management System Plan/ certificate
  • Pesticides residue test report of the water from an authorized public authority
  • Self-declaration of number of vehicles (for transportation purpose)
  • No Objection Certificate from the municipality/ other local body
  • Documents supporting turnover
  • Declaration form
  • Source of milk or procurement plan of meat which will include the milk collection centres (in case production involves milk)
  • Certificate obtained from Ministry of tourism (in case of a hotel)
  • Source of raw material for meat (in case of a meat processing plant)
Additional documents required only for registration of Central license along with above listed documents:
  • Analysis report (Chemical & Bacteriological) of water to be used as the ingredient in the food product
  • NOC/ PA document issued by FSSAI
  • Ministry of Commerce certificate for 100 % EOU, if applicable
  • IEC (Import Export Code)
Additionally, manufacturing and processing units required to submit the following documents:
  • Name and list of all the equipment and machinery installed in the unit along with their number, capacity and horse power used
  • List of all manufacturing food products
  • Authorization letter with name and address of the responsible person who will assist the authorities of FSSAI in inspection, collection of samples, packing & discharge.
  • Blueprint of the processing unit (plant, warehouse, etc.)


Is it mandatory to get FSSAI registration or license?

Yes, all Food Business Operators according to certain parameters like annual turnover, kinds of food involved etc. are required by law to get FSSAI Registration or License, whichever may be applicable.

What are the types of registrations laid out FSSAI?

There are 3 types of registrations:

  1. Basic Registration: When the annual turnover is less than or equal to 12 Lakh.
  2. State License: When the annual turnover is between 12 Lakh to 20 Cr.
  3. Central License: When the annual turnover is more than Rs. 20 Cr.

What is the significance of FSSAI license?

A 14-digit food license provided to a food business operator ensures the consumers about the quality of food they are consuming/ going to consume. This license will contain a State Code and registration. It is mandatory for registered food business operators that the logo of FSSAI must be there on packaging of food product along with its license number.

What is the validity period of the FSSAI License?

The FSSAI License is valid for a period of 1 to 5 years.

What is the processing time for FSSAI registration?

  1. Basic Registration: 7 days
  2. State License: 30-60 days
  3. Central License: 30-60 days


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